STAROIL with sport

STAROIL sponsors several sports modalities. Among them, STAROIL Racing Team, where we provide out fuels to be tested and inpires us to obtain the best results.

STAROIL also sponsors soccer teams and elite athletes such as the Spanish Yohanna Alonso, bi-world champion in 2017 and 2018 of Muay Thai, known as Thai boxing, or traditionally as the art of the eight extremities. A martial and contact art and originated in Thailand.

STAROIL is the only supplier of the competition biofuel ETANOL E-100 and ETANOL E-85 from all of northern Spain and Portugal. ETHANOL is a highly appreciated biofuel for competition use in vehicles given its octane rating higher than gasoline S / P 98 and its lower calorific response in combustion.

Although its use is not accepted in all sports competitions, STAROIL has established itself as its main supplier in the north of Spain and Portugal.

STAROIL sponsors both pilots and sporting events such as Rallies and charities:

  • Iván Ares y José Pintor - Hyndai I20-R5 - Ares Racing - Champion of Spain 2017
  • Víctor Senra y David Vázquez - Senra Sport - Galician Champion 2017
  • Miguel Paredes - Alejandro Cid - Porche GT3 - Escudo Miudo Competition
  • Iago Silva - Diego Grande - Porche GT3 - Barbadas Team
  • Sponsors of the Cocido Lalin Rally 2017
  • Sponsors of vehicles participating in the Panda Raid 2017
  • Sponsors of the Rallye Ourense 2017
  • Sponsors of the Ribeira Sacra Rally 2017
  • Sponsors of Rally Cocido Lalín 2018
  • Sponsors of the Rally Noia 2018

STAROIL is the official sponsor of Yohanna Alonso, Muay Thai sport discipline 2017 and 2018 World Champion, a Thai martial art.

Yohanna is an active agent of the Civil Guard in Spain and an example of social behaviour in terms of help and collaboration with the most needed people. In addition, she carries out numerous courses to help women associations to prevent mistreatment or aggression.

Yohanna is an elite athlete and an example to follow.

Yohanna Alonso
Yohanna Alonso
Yohanna Alonso

Yohanna Alonso, campeona del mundo Muai Thai.

Muai Thai - Campeona del Mundo Yohanna Alonso